Historic & Club Bike Registration

What is Club Rego?

In most states vehicles older than 25 or 30 years can get special registration at a substantially lower price but there are generally restrictions on how you can use your vehicle. Many states require you to sign up to a club, hence the name ‘Club Rego’. We have put together some information and some links to help you on your way. The details below were correct at the time of writing.


For a vehicle to qualify for the Victorian Club Permit Scheme they must be older than 25 years. You must also be a member of an approved VicRoads club and carry your logbook at all times. The logbook is used in conjunction with a 45 or 90 day permit which allows you to use your vehicle up to 45 or 90 days a year which must be logged. 
Club members in Victoria can send their applications and renewals to:
John Chambers,
PO Box 312, Croydon, VIC, 3136

Victoria Club Rego

New South Wales

For a vehicle to be registered under ‘historical’ or ‘classic’ vehicle schemes in NSW it must be older than 30 years and you must be a member of a recognised club. You are allowed to use your vehicle for 60 days a year but you must carry a log book and record the trips.
Club members in NSW can send their applications and renewals to:
Ivan Hoey,  16 Hoyle Place, Greenfield Park, NSW, 2176

NSW Club Rego


Queensland has clearly defined restrictions for vehicles registered under their ‘Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme’. Vehicles must be older than 30 years and must not be used for general purposes such as commuting to work or getting the shopping. The vehicle can only be used in special situations such as “participating in rallies and events” organised by a recognised club.
Please note: The XS650 Club is not registered in Qld. & cannot be used for registration.

Qld. Club Rego

South Australia

In SA vehicles must be older than 30 years and you must be a financial member of a recognised club. Rather than offer a special registration type, SA has waived the registration fee and you only have to pay CTP, administration fees and a reduced emergency services levy.  This simplified registration allows you to use your vehicle for 90 days in a year.

SA Club Rego

Western Australia

In the West they have introduced a ‘Concession for Classics’ scheme. Under this scheme you receive a 100% discount on registration fees but need to pay CTP at a reduced rate. The vehicle needs to be older than 30 years and must also be registered to a Department of Transport approved club. The vehicle may only be used for club shows and events.
They also have a ‘Code 404’ concessional registration where any vehicle older than 25 years, is unmodified and fits into one of four criteria – ‘Veteran’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Post-Vintage’, and ‘Invitation Class’. The owners must be a member of a 404-approved club. There is no logbook required but the eligibility criteria is strict.

WA Club Rego


In Tasmania a ‘special interest’ vehicle must be 30 years or older, as well as in ‘exceptional condition’ inside and out (original, restored or modified). Perhaps the most noteworthy thing is that you don’t need to be part of any club. Instead, you can purchase varying registration lengths allowing you to use it on the roads up to 104 days a year.  You must log all your rides in a log book and you must also continue to have another fully registered vehicle in your name.

Tasmania Club Rego


ACT has a  ‘veteran, vintage and historic’ (VVH) scheme.  You need to be a member of a recognised club and your vehicle must be 30 years or older. Under the VVH, you can participate in events organised or approved by eligible clubs, run ‘occasional’ test runs up to a 40km radius, and for use in specific occasions (such as a wedding) if you obtain permission from the car club first. There is also a maximum mileage limit of 3,000km driven within the ACT per year.

ACT Club Rego

Northern Territory

In the NT  your vehicle will need to be 30 years or older and you will need to have membership to a recognised club.  Under club rego, there are restrictions on how you can use your vehicle. You can’t commute to and from work, or use it for commercial enterprise i.e. school formals, for example. However, limited personal use is permitted. You also must keep a logbook of all your road travel, and also only drive your vehicle on-road for approved activities. You can also only use the vehicle for up to 90 days a year – 60 for club events, and 30 for maintenance, test driving and restricted personal use.

NT Club Rego