The Constitution of the Yamaha XS650 Club of Australia Inc. (NSW)

  1. The Yamaha XS-650 Club of Australia (hereafter called “the Club”) is a Club for owners and admirers of the Yamaha XS-650 motorcycle, which was made by the Yamaha Motor Company of Japan from 1970 to 1983.
  2. The Club’s function is to promote interest in the Yamaha XS-650, to unite owners, and to provide advice and help with regards to acquiring, maintaining, restoring, modifying, racing, and all other matters concerned with owning an XS-650. It does this by way of a newsletter, a web site, an AGM, the use of email, Facebook, Instagram and putting on events.
  3. The Club has a structure, which includes officials and paying members. The Officials are the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Public Officer, the WebManager, the Newsletter Editor and Race Bike Manager. Several members also act as state or area “contacts”.
  4. The Club manages a bank account, which is operated by the Treasurer.
  5. Membership is open to those who own and / or are currently seeking to acquire a Yamaha XS-650.
  6. Upon joining, a member will receive a t-shirt and sew-on patch each with the Club’s logo, a membership card, a list of nearby members, a copy of the most recent newsletter, and a copy of the constitution. They will then receive subsequent newsletters and be invited to attend all events and meetings for the duration of their membership. A new member’s details will also appear in the next newsletter.
  7. All members (except officials) will pay a membership fee, with renewals being due each June. Members who have not renewed after two reminders (usually by around October) will be considered to have left the Club. They will no longer receive newsletters or be invited to events or meetings.
  8. An AGM will occur each September/October. At the AGM, the officials’ positions become vacant and members are invited to nominate themselves for those positions. Nominations require seconding, and no opposition to be carried. If another member opposes the nomination, then the matter will be discussed until it is resolved. If more than one member nominates and is seconded for a position, it will be put to a vote by those in attendance. Notice of the AGM will be sent to members several weeks prior to the event. This will outline all matters to be discussed at the AGM (which will always include the club’s financial situation), as well as proxy nomination and voting forms for those who can’t attend. The minutes of the AGM will be published in the next newsletter.*Further to Item 8. Members will also be able to vote by proxy at all general meetings and be deemed to be in attendance and eligible to vote via electronic communication, video conference,etc.
  9. The Club organises events. At these events, members are expected to wear their t-shirt and/or patch. If the gathering is in a public place, they are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring the club (or motorcycles and motorcyclists in general) into disrepute. If the club receives a complaint about a member, they will be cautioned, suspended, or their membership may be cancelled at the officials’ discretion, depending on the circumstance.
  10. In addition to item 9, when members are riding their bikes on a public road to, during, or from a Club event, they are also subject to the rules of the Roads & Traffic Authorities of the various states. They are expected to keep their machines in roadworthy condition and operate them within the law. This includes the member being licensed to operate a motorcycle, and the machine being registered.
  11. Further to item 10, the Club is recognised as a historic vehicle club and as such, members can obtain historic registration for their machines. Very strict requirements and rules apply to this, and members enquiring about it will be informed of these by way of a printed document from the Road & Traffic Authorities, which describes them in minute detail, obtainable from the Club or the relevant Road & Traffic Authorities.Members who have their machines registered as a historic vehicle will abide by the rules, both when with the Club and when on their own. Any breach will be dealt with by both the relevant Authorities, and the Club.
  12. Should the Club cease to operate for any reason, all members will be notified, any outstanding bills will be paid, the remaining funds will be evenly dispersed among the membership, the bank account will be closed. The Roads & Traffic Authorities and NSW Fair Trading will be advised.
  13. As part of our constitution we also use the Department of Fair Trading, Model Constitution 2009,Under the Associations Incorporations Act 2009 when requiring a finer point in circumstances that the basic constitution does not cover fully.

Addendum to Constitution

The following is an explanation of the relationship between Our Club and our members, and what each can expect of the other.

Our Club provides information and advice to members. Any such information is given in good faith.

Our Club has a website, a closed Facebook Group (available only to current members) and an Instagram feed. Club Officials administer these social media platforms.

Events are organised and held throughout the year and it is hoped that members will attend, if they are able to do so.

Notice of these events is provided via our Club’s website,Newsletter and our Club’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

There is no obligation for members to attend, however if able, attendance is welcomed.

Regular rides are not organised by the Club. However, individual members are more than welcome to contact the Club Secretary, should they wish to put together a ride. The Club Secretary shall provide contact details for members, should they wish to organise a ride in their local area.

These details include phone numbers only, not member’s addresses.

It is expected that those attending will comply with all relevant State and Territory laws and not conduct themselves in a way that will bring disrepute to our Club. Those taking part, are expected to wear Club merchandise and help promote our Club in a positive way, wherever possible.

Merchandise is available for sale from the Club Secretary, with details of what is available and prices, on our Club’s website.

Those members who operate their vehicle under relevant State historic registration programs, must abide by all conditions related to that scheme NO EXCEPTIONS! If your vehicle is on historic registration with our Club, you must ensure your membership is current and that you advise the relevant State Registrar and / or Club Secretary of any change in contact details as soon as possible.

Our Club publishes a Newsletter, available via post or email. Those who receive their Newsletter via post pay $30 per year in membership. Those who elect to receive their Newsletter via email pay $25 per year in membership fees.

Members are invited and encouraged to contribute to Our Club’s Newsletter, on the understanding that the editor reserves the right to publish articles based on content and relevance to our Club.

Members can advertise anything XS650 related on the Club Website, on the understanding that, should their item or items sell, they advise the Web Manager as soon as possible.

Our Club holds an AGM every year, usually in October. The venues alternate yearly between New South Wales, Victoria and SE Queensland. There is no obligation for members to attend, however if able, attendance is welcomed. This event is catered for by the Club, with awards presented to members for the longest distance travelled on an XS650, the best XS650 in attendance and the longest distance travelled, by any means.

At our AGM, committee positions become vacant and members can nominate themselves for those positions. It is expected that those who nominate will perform the role to the best of their ability. Our Club’s financial position will also be discussed, with members able to contact the Club Secretary at any time throughout the year to enquire about Club financials, should they wish to do so.

Membership renewals are due in June each year. As per our Club’s Constitution, members will receive two reminders, should they be overdue. These reminders will be sent via email, or post and a reminder will also be posted on our Club’s Facebook group.

The May Newsletter will contain a renewal reminder however this will not include the names of member’s who are overdue. It is the responsibility of Club Member’s to ensure their membership is current.

Should a member’s contact details change, or they wish to cancel their membership, they are to contact the Club Secretary as soon as possible, in order to maintain an up to date register of members.