XS650 Powered Helicopter

This XS650 powered helicopter was listed on eBay in the USA.  Not sure if I would fly in it even though I have a lot of faith in the engines reliability. Check out the length of the tail rotor drive belt!

The eBay listing was described as follows:

Adams-Wilson “Choppy” single seat helicopter. Powered by an Yamaha 650CC Parallel twin motor that runs very well. Comes with a complete set of original plans, and original receipts. Main rotor blades and tail rotor blades are in good shape. Cosmetically, the paint is in good shape and there are only minor blemishes. The aircraft is complete and only needs to be gone over and fine tuned to include main rotor tracking and adjusting the tail rotor pitch. The helicopter has been ground run, but not flown by the current owner. NOTE: This is a real helicopter! If you are not trained, DO NOT try and fly this thing because you have the potential to kill yourself or others. If you go to vortech.com you will see that the basic kit for this helicopter is over $23,000. Call Mike @ (406) 453-8451