If you have some information you would like to pass on to other members just email and I will print your email here.

Received from Ben Evens 3/4/2018

To the bloke with the Toyota Troopy, towing the race race ready XS I passed on the Hume today, g’day!
I was riding the ’04 Trumpy Speed Triple as we negotiated the “morons” hogging the overtaking lane heading south from Pheasants Nest ..
My god, that was a blast from the past - the last time I saw an XS was back in the seventies, (in Canberra) when one of the lads from high school piloted one around the burbs.
Lovely, beautiful machine.
Anyway, I blew you a kiss in appreciation of that very well preserved motorcycle - you laughed (in appreciation, I hope).

Once on two wheels - ALWAYS on two wheels.
I’ll be heading to Noosa in a week - and - for a 62 year old that will be testing the fitness, let me tell you.

Cheers & best wishes
Ben Evans


Passed on to Ivan Hoey (the bloke in the troopy)


From John Chambers to HiTec Oils

Monday 19th June 11.10pm


Stacey Heaney is possibly going to be sponsored by Hi-Tec and we, the Yamaha XS650 Club of Australia, would want to know your recommendations on type of oil and its technical breakdown. We currently use and recommend to our 250 members Castrol Activ 4t 15w50 4 stroke motor oil for its proven durability and the penetration qualities of our fibre clutch plates (allowing no slip once engaged). If we were to use your oils, we would need to test it on our race bike. Potentially ruining a clutch for the sake of changing oils. So we would want to first see the chemical breakdown of both oils to compare and have our race managers approval. Thank you for you time. John Chambers. Secretary Yamaha XS650 Club of Aust.

From Hi-Tec Oils to Yamaha XS650 Club of Australia

Friday 23 June 9.52am


Good Afternoon John,
I have a listing for the Yamaha XS650 SG / SH Models from 1980 - 82.   They call for an API SE 20W40 engine oil.
Castrol Activ 4T 15W50 is a mineral oil based SAE 15W50 motorcycle engine oil meeting the API SL and JASO MA/MA2 performance levels.

Our closest product is Fast 4 JASO MA 20W50 Semi Syn SL.  This is a motorcycle engine oil utilising Synthetic Technology base oils that carries the API SL, JASO MA/MA2 performance levels.  It will cover the performance levels listed above.

I have forwarded the Product Data Sheet for both our product and the Castrol product for your information.
We are happy to forward a sample for testing if you require and whilst we do not give out information on our formulations I can provide information on the typical levels of key elements such as Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorous etc.

I hope the above information is of use and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance


Martin Ryland-Adair

Tech support Hi-Tec Oils


From Mark Peatman

Date Tuesday March 14, 2017


My position as  a member of the xs650 club of Australia and being pro-active with the race bike
when these problems come to light, I would like to have a say, as I am not on the committee and 
I cannot vote that's fine I am sure you will  do what I believe the only path to go. As Daryl can not be contacted
nor wants to be, not fulfilling is duty to the club as president which he said he would and the race bike
and the clutch issues. As he won't walk I think he should be removed by the committee as president of the
club, removed from the race bike committee  and f/b admin A.S.A.P. Also I think the club should have a
vice president,  The committee should also highly recommend Daryl get some sort of professional advice as I believe he has some mental health issues that need to be addressed.    Just my thoughts
Regards    Mark Peatman # 413 club member


Response from Terry Gliddon

Thanks for your input Mark, as always the thoughts of the members are taken into consideration when decisions of this importance are taken. A vote has been taken in this matter and the majority of the committee have decided to remove Daryl from the race bike committee only. It was thought that the committee did not have the ability to remove an elected official of the club at this time and he can only be removed from office by a vote of the members at an AGM. Perhaps this is something we need to discuss at the next AGM.


From Paul Tipler

Date Wednesday February 1, 2017


Terry my name is Paul Tipler and I reside in good old QLD where we ride 52 + weeks of the year. I read your article on the club race bike and I am curious , it seems that you are attacking Daryl in a not to subtle manner, reading your article it appears there would be too many chiefs and not enough Indians, and before you printed the article was this  issue discussed at a club meeting with all committee members present because I found no evidence that it was and from my understanding off club bi laws, this should be the case, so every complaint can be sorted out and the club members get a complete and accurate report. It would appear to me that this action was not taken by you as I have not received any email from you to the contrary. I also noted your previous letter, before Christmas I think it was, about Daryl which I thought should been discussed at a proper club meeting not printed in your magazine in the manner that it was. I have had experience in such matters in a water skiing club and have dealt with these matters firstly in house, to sort out problems with the least amount of friction within the club with the best out come for all concerned, with at all times the club at the forefront. I realise I am in  QLD and a long way from you and I do not know any  of the members including you or Daryl or any other committee member  but I feel  an injustice has been done to Daryl. I do believe the matter of the race bike could have been handled a lot better. I just thought I would let you know you my thoughts on this matter. Regards; Paul Tipler


Response from Terry Gliddon


As the Website Manager and Newsletter Editor it is my job to inform the club members via the club's website or the newsletter everything I feel the club members should be made aware of. In late November after the AGM Daryl decided to stop answering his phone for whatever reason and I was at the time trying to get the December newsletter out before Christmas. As part of his job Daryl was to write a President's Message for the newsletter as well as forward to me the notes he had taken at the AGM so a report could be written, at that time Daryl was also responsible for getting the newsletters printed by a friend of his and I would print the address labels and post them to him so he could fold and put the postal newsletters in envelopes, address and post them to those members who receive their newsletters by post. Because of his frustrating lack of communication all this was left for me to do so in the newsletter in place of the presidents message I wrote of my frustration in the Editors Note stating that Daryl was not pulling his weight. This I imagine raised a few eyebrows. At about the same time the racer received a brand new clutch donated by Geoff's XS just prior to being taken to Tasmania by Ivan Hoey and Mark Peatman to compete in the Australian Road Race Titles and for Stacey Heaney to ride. A series of events I wont go into here as it has been reported elsewhere and alluded to by you in your email. Subsequently it was discovered that the newly donated clutch was not installed by Daryl into the racer but somehow went missing and it was later admitted to have been installed in one of Daryl's customers bikes. This lead to calls by some club members who are aware of this for Daryl to be removed as club President amid accusations of theft and lying. I prefer to think it was a mistake unfortunately it is not one Daryl wants to admit to. This whole sorry saga may eventually lead to his removal as President by the clubs committee. Most of this you will read in the next newsletter #135 including an email from Daryl on this matter and will leave it up to the members to form their own opinions on this. The club committee has been fully aware of these events as they approve all newsletters before they are printed.


From Mike Murphy

Date Tuesday January 31,2017

Hi All,
I am stepping down from admin of the Club Facebook page. I'm also dropping out of the club.
Thanks and Regards
Mike Murphy

Response from Terry Gliddon

Sorry you are leaving us Mike. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you did setting up our Facebook page and wish all the best in any future endeavours including your AC Cobra, your CNC mill and hopefully your XS650.
Cheers mate,
Terry Gliddon


From: Rodney Blacklock

Date Tuesday January 31, 2017, 9am


to Daryl Hutcheon, About 10 years ago I got my first 650 (which came in pieces) and I new nothing about them at all. My mate told me of the club so I joined up in the hope of finding people with the parts or knowledge I needed to get it on the road. Along the way I have learned some things about 650's and about the club, but still have a lot to learn. So I just want to say that it is really appreciated the effort all the office bearers make in keeping the club running and improving. Sometimes I need to speak to these people and the fact they give there time freely for nothing more than the love of the club is very cool indeed. I would say most people I have contacted have been great but a special thanks to Ivan and yourself. Rodney Blacklock 


From: Tony Kilmurray

Date Friday, December 30, 2016, 6:05PM

G'day Terry first off Merry Xmas and a safe new year for you and your family I would also like to thank you for your commitment to the XS club I enjoy the newsletters. I have spent the day in my shed with a few frosties and John Willamson totally re-wiring my new project it aint a Honda. I will send you some photos and a story on my other two bikes for the newsletter it will be by mail as I am not computer savvy. Cheers mate thanks again from the northern out post in N.S.W.  best regards   Tony Kilmurray


Thanks Tony,

It's always nice to receive good feedback, Merry Christmas to you and yours and I look forward to seeing something on your projects for the newsletter.

Cheers mate


From: Mick Hyde
Sent: Friday, December 09, 2016 5:35 PM
To: 'Terry Gliddon'
Subject: RE: XS650 Club of Australia newsletter #134

Hi Terry,
Thanks for your hard work and commitment with the web and newsletter etc. Like most people in a voluntary role, your work probably goes mostly unrewarded and without due credit and thanks of many (most) club members, so I was keen to express my appreciation.
Best wishes to you and your family for a fabulous festive season and a prosperous and safe 2017!

Mick Hyde (’75 XS650B)

Thanks Mick,
I appreciate your comments very much and hope you are getting some satisfaction from being a member of this club, knowing that is all the reward I need.
All the best to you and yours for Christmas and the new year.
cheers mate,
Terry Gliddon.

From: Andrew Owens <>
Date: Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 9:20 PM
Subject: RE: Club registration enquiry
To: John Chambers <>
Cc: Herbert Conlon <>

Hi Herb and John,

I’m not sure who best to put this question to, but as you guys are across membership and historic rego issues, I thought I’d just mention it to both of you.

I am also a member of the VJMC, as I have a few other old Japanese bikes, and recently they sent out membership renewal emails with the following paragraph:


I’ve looked through the RMS info on the scheme, and I haven’t found anything to suggest this is correct, other than reference to “must be a member of a registered club”, so I guess this could be construed as being at the point of registration (of which I have to present a club membership card and doco completed by Herb) or at the point where a police officer may ask me for proof of membership.

I guess I am asking if you are aware of the above statements validity, and 2nd, if the above is true, should all club membership cards have expiry dates? I imagine that this would be a PITA to administer, as new cards would need to be issued each year, or what else might the police accept as proof of membership if it is an issue?

Just bringing it up if it could be an issue, and if any clarification is needed. For me, all I can do is keep my XS Club card with my log book, and for what its worth, my VJMC card as well, as it does actually have an expiry date, but probably no help as the historic rego has nothing to do with them.

The only other thought that I have on the matter is that it may simply be a bit of leverage to have VJMC members renew, as I’m sure that there has been a rush of people to join clubs simply to get access to cheap rego, which is not good for any of us.

Lastly, it was great to catch up with you at the AGM John, and I look forward to meeting you Herb at some stage in the near future,


Andrew Owens

From: John Chambers <>
Date: Sun, Nov 6, 2016 at 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: Club registration enquiry
To: Andrew Owens <>
Cc: Herbert Conlon <>

Andrew, all members of our club, their membership dues are to be renewed by 30 June each year.

1. Unless you have paid in advance for following years.


2. It is mandatory for all members of the "Yamaha XS650 Club of Australia Inc" to be paid up in advance of the expiry date of their club permit. Therefore the member is always financial. The members in Victoria pay their years membership at the time of renewing their permit. Thus putting their financial status to June 30th of the following year of the expiry date of permit.


3. Carrying a Current membership card is not required in Victoria and as far as I aware is not required in NSW. This is the point of attaching our Club stamp to your renewal form and signing the documentation on the behalf of the Club. Ensuring that you and the Club have met the requirements of the RTA of the States.


4. I am allowed to ride any club permitted bike as long as I have a valid motorcycle licence, have completed the appropriate information into the current log book associated with the bike that I am riding. This could be a friends bike and therefore the club scrutineer should have already checked that the person permitting the bike is financial to at least the expiry date of the States permit.

Regards John Chambers


Received from Daryl Davis 14/7/16

Hi Terry
I am selling my bike Terry so won’t be renewing my membership.  If not for guys like you, clubs like ours would not exist.   I thank you for that and the newsletters and wish you well.

Daryl Davis

Received from Dave Rayner 29/4/2016

Herb & Terry,

                      I understand Herb not wanting to scrutineer cars as there is a lot on them you can’t see. Bikes, by comparison, are very simple. I would feel the same way if it were me. As for there being no benefit in having a car in the club, that was the case under the old system but with the 60 day log book, a person can drive their non-650 vehicle as they wish. In other words, as long as their vehicle (and it can be a semi-trailer) is 30 or over and they only need to drive it 60 days per year, they can use the log book for, dare I say it, cheap rego. If they abide by the rules and get a pink slip, I don’t see the problem with it. Just my thoughts.


Received from Herb Conlon 28/4/2016

Gentlemen , as I have advised I will not nor have I ever scrutinised "cars" they have always required pink slips from a recognised inspector. There are some whispers that I want to stand down from my position this is incorrect.
The fact that only 1 member has ever listed a car and the club did not receive a single invite from car clubs shows there are no benefits to the club to continue this arrangement. We are a specific brand motorcycle organization and should concentrate on our core.
If the club wishes to continue to allow other vehicles they can still get an annual  roadworthy certificate from an inspection station, its just better for the club that way and was part of the original decision.

Received from Brian Greenless 22/4/2016

Hi Terry,

Here is some sad news about one of the XS club members. I  had introduced myself  to Stephen just before the race he was injured in. We only  had a short talk but it was obvious he was enjoying racing his XS. He gave me his business card so that we could keep in touch, regretfully this will not now eventuate.


Brian Greenlees (No 451)


It is with great sadness that I have to inform you all that we have lost Register member Stephen Harris as a result of medical issues that arose post a race incident at the Taupo Autumn Classic meeting on Sunday. He died on Monday night in Waikato Hospital with his family alongside him.

Steve had just returned to racing with us this season, and by any measure, was very enthusiastic and supportive of the Register and its Racing activities. He was a sponsor of the last Puke Festival and was in the process of extending his support to other of our events.

While, at his own request, there will be no public funeral, his family has informed us that there will be a celebration of his life at the Stillwater Boat Club, Duck Creek Road, Stillwater, East Coast Bays at 2pm on this coming SUNDAY, the 24th April.

Those that knew Steve, and anyone else who would like to attend are most welcome.

Ken McGeady
President NZCMRR

Received from Brian Greenless 6/11/15

Hi Terry,

I am in the planning and parts acquisition process for building a 277 rephased long rod  750cc race motor for post classic sidecar.
 I am keen to balance the crank but quite daunted after reading your tribulations.  I also note what Dave Rayner was told and wondering whether I really need to.
From the info you posted on the club racer you have used a
50% balance factor and I know the club racer is a 270. Where did you get the information on what balance factor to use?
Any advice will be gratefully received
Brian Greenlees
XS Club Member No 451

Sent from Terry Gliddon on 7/11/15

Hi Brian,
Firstly let me say I am no expert on crankshaft balancing. I do know a lot more now than I used to.
I read several articles on this subject written by smarter men than I am and they all seemed to favour 50% as a good balance factor when rephasing vertical twin engines. These were mainly English twins used in racing.

The main reason we deemed it necessary to check our balance factors was because we lightened the crankshaft. This was done as it was thought less flywheel weight would be needed with a rephase as the inertia of the second piston overcomes the dead weight of the other piston when it stops at top dead centre and bottom dead centre, with a stock 360° motor this is overcome by flywheel weight as both pistons stop at these points together. So with lightened flywheels and bigger pistons we thought it essential to check our balance factors and as it turned out we did have to make adjustments.

We got it wrong in the first instance but corrected our mistake and got it right in the end. Because we altered the layout of the crank and used two right side crank ends on either end of the crank we had to make alterations to the bearing mounts to use the different bearing used on the new left hand end crank flywheel. We did this to make the crankshaft as symmetrical as possible but paired the wrong flywheels together when static balancing each half of the crank. What we should have done is static balance each like pair then press the crank together in its final layout and dynamically balance it.

None of this is relevant to you as you are not lightening your flywheels or altering the crank layout, just rephasing it. You can go through the process of balancing the crank but those who have done this before say there was no real need as the standard crank when rephased and made into a 750cc requires almost no balancing as it is only a few grams out. I do not know this from my own experience but it is what I have been told.

I did it because I wanted to but I would suggest if you do it go to a professional and have it done. I believe is can be costly though.
Do I think it was all worth it? bloody oath I do, when you hear this thing fire up and see the throttle response it is awesome.
Daryl Hutcheon at Professional Motorcycle Tuning in Melbourne pressed our crank together and welded it.
cheers mate,
Terry Gliddon

P.S. If you want to read one of the articles that  mention 50% balance factors go to and read the bit about Nourish Racing Engines (NRE)

Flywheels back to back showing the amount of metal removed in the lightening process. About .3 of a kilogram removed from each flywheel
crank for balance
Crank assembled with weights for dynamic balancing.
Notice the ends are the same. Left one modified for the different bearing and seal.
Crank completed and welded.

Received from Brian Greenless on 7/11/15

Hi Terry,
Thank you for the full and prompt reply. It was very helpful.

Received from Gerard Loughran (seller) 26/10/15

Hi there,
Some of your club members may be interested in bundle of XS650 carbs, which are currently listed on ebay.
kind regards,

Received from Daryl Hutcheon on 19/9/15

I would like to welcome our latest Club Member from New Zealand, Stephen Harris. Steve is also a racer and is building a XS650 to of course race. Steve has made a donation of a Megacycle camshaft to suit a 270 degree crankshaft. It is people like Steve and others that have made the building of the Club Racer possible without having to dip into any of the Club’s funds . The Club Racer is totally funded by donations like this and monetary donations as well, which goes into a separate account from the main Club account . As the Club Racer nears completion I would like to thank all those who have lent a hand, be it parts, labour or financially in building this fantastic machine. The list of people is far too long to put down here, but if you look back through the development of the Racer you will see their names. We are almost there J.
I personally thank you all,
Daryl Hutcheon
Yamaha XS650 Club of Australia, Inc.

From: Guy Stanford
Sent: ‎Tuesday‎, ‎18‎ ‎August‎ ‎2015 ‎9‎:‎37‎ ‎AM

I’ve not heard of any recent bookings. 
The problem is the construction of the Road Rule.
The NSW definition of “an approved motor bike helmet” requires it “complies with” the standard.
The moment you peel the protective film off the visor or remove the Instructions for Use and Care of your helmet, it becomes non-compliant with the Standard.
So just about every helmet in USE, is non-compliant anyway.
( I didn’t say “every”, as some smarty-pants may have tucked the Instructions for Use and Care into the lining of their visor-less open-face helmet)
The issue of dark visors is only an issue because of this inability to comply with the NSW Road Rule. i.e. does a dark visor make your helmet non-compliant? No, even if you had a clear visor, the helmet is non-compliant.
The attached photo is of a compliant visor on a compliant helmet.

The Instructions for use and Care are attached to the chin-strap by a rubber band.
The visor carries the “Informative Labelling” required by the Visor standard, which is required for compliance with the helmet standard.
You may note that the protective packaging film on the visor also has a warning, telling you to remove it before use.

The only place you’ll find a helmet compliant with the standard is there, on the shelf, brand new. The Australian visor standard does not require the visor to carry any compliance marks at all.
Some visors may have them, but they are only advertising for the Certifier and have zero regulatory significance.

There is no law saying you can’t use a dark visor on your helmet.
BUT, your helmet is non-compliant anyway, so why pick on the dark visor to claim that this is what makes it non-compliant?

Commonsense says only use a dark visor in bright daylight. Like sunglasses.
In fact, most sunglasses are darker than dark visors anyway. 

Clear as mud. 

Guy Stanford
Australian Motorcycle Council
Helmets Committee Chair
02 800 49 819
0417 661 827

Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 7:52 PM
Subject: Yamaha XS special the 2nd factory custom?

Hey folks,
 Just looking up your site for some info on identifying XS models and came across a comment about the XS special being the second factory custom... not correct.
For the sake of accuracy on your site and the credibility that comes with it, I’d like to point out that HD produced the first ‘factory custom ‘  with the Superglide of 1971.  I remember its appearance very clearly... a total departure from anything any factory had done in modern times.  Willie Davidson and the design department were given carte blanche by AMF.  He had been mixing with the outlaw clubs and chopper freaks and liked their approach to riding.  He married big twin and sportster parts making a long, low and forwards foot peg machine that for all its shortcomings stunned the motorcycle industry... and though braking and suspension were poor was a great bike to ride.

The low rider of a later date refined the superglide considerably and  became a highly popular machine, but the super glide was still the first of the ‘factory customs’.
I’m not a one eyed Harley rider, although my primary ride is a chopped red shovel with which many of you would be familiar, but my second bike is a chopped CB750 which I also love riding.  Most of the bikes I chop for guys are Japanese including their share of xs650’s.
Hope this is taken in the spirit is it given and that you will correct your statement...
I appreciate all the accurate info on your site and make use of it often as well as pointing lots of XS riders to your club.

Andrew (Prof) Offe

From: Terry Gliddon
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2015 9:29 AM
Subject: Re: Yamaha xs special the 2nd factory custom?

Thanks Andrew,
I have amended the buyers guide to reflect and include your additional information.

Cheers mate
Terry Gliddon
Yamaha XS650 Club of Australia

Final reply from Andrew Offe

G’day Terry,
That was quick and wow, a pic of the Superglide as well.  A lot of people read your gear and that should make the Harley guys feel warm and fuzzy!  Hope the XS guys don’t take offence!
You have a great site.  Keep up the good work and the useful info.  I come across quite a lot of guys chopping or bobbing XS’s which have often been through the mill and are a mixture of parts, so send them to your site and also often directly to Dave Taylor who seems to have a good handle on XS’s.

Andrew (Prof)

Received from Daryl Hutcheon Friday 22/5/15

Hi Terry,
 Finally found a photo of my "old" XS650 race bike. Well it wasn't 653cc it was a little over 1000cc.
Bored and stroked, it ran XV750 pistons from memory, can't remember the stroke. And it VIBRATED big time.
Still ran the standard 360 degree crank with points and 34mm Dellorto pumper carbs similar to what we have on the club racer now. Single disc up front, it went and stopped OK.
And yes it was loud !!!  I built this machine back in the mid to late 1980s from bits I gathered around the place.
Finished up selling the crankshaft and barrels to a mate and now have lost contact with him.
If I knew then what I know now about rephasing and all the other little tricks I have learnt over the years since this bike would be an absolute weapon.
I still have the braced frame and most of the bits to rebuild it, now it has got me thinking.
I can see another project in the making on the horizon. And it is a old XS2 frame.
Daryl Hutcheon
Your President.

Terry Gliddon's response

Hey Daz I've got a set of XS1 crankcases and a couple of XS1 cranks and I think I have an XS1 gearbox (a bit rusty).   If we use your OU72 head and Shell cam it might even be fast if we spend an extra couple of grand on the good bits needed to go racing.

Received from Andrew Parcell 28/4/15 via email

Good afternoon I'm not sure if this the right place to share my concerns, I've only been a member for under a year and I really can't see the point of renewing my membership. I live in Brisbane and there is nothing and no help for members if they live outside NSW or VIC . I have asked a few members about any Brisbane mechanics or where to get my engine looked at as it hasn't run in 5 years the only answer I get is to send it down south along with 6 THOUSAND dollars to get it done! WTF do they gold plate them? Hi ratio gears $800 re phased crank $200 put on a 750 kit $800 . you can add another $1200 on incidentals i.e. polishing valve and head work and that is still only $3000. They want
another $3000 for labour? Not much of a club if it only serves a few who happen to to be in the right click or post code. or well I'll get back to my shed and stare at my bike and wish I got a cb750 instead at least a few workshops in QLD know how to work on them with out having leave your first born as a deposit  !!

Reply from Terry Gliddon sent via email on 29/4/15

Andrew, I am sorry you feel it is the club's responsibility for the cost of parts and labour and the lack of mechanics in Brisbane, most of our club members do their own work on their bikes and are happy to find out where to buy the parts and find technical information by looking on our website. You mentioned high ratio primary drive gears as an example of the high cost of parts but if you look at the cost of these in 2001 when they were available exclusively from Halco Tuning in England they cost £285 then so on today's exchange rate they would cost $518 + postage and packaging and the product you can buy today is better than the original and at $700 as it now comes with a needle bearing instead if a bronze bush so they have effectively barely gone up in price in fourteen years, name another product where this is true. You also mentioned 750cc big bore kits for $776 again this price includes brand new cast big fin barrels as well as sleeves and forged pistons, rings and gaskets, I think this is good value considering it is posted here in Australia from Geoff's XS saving you $$$ on postage from the USA.

The price of parts is only half the cost in a rebuild as labour adds a considerable amount but that's the same for any bike not just the XS650. If you were rebuilding a CB750 you would be buying two more pistons and sleeves to build a big bore motor not to mention valves if you were doing the head up as well. Some of the prices you quote are excessive as they are obviously for heavily modified performance engines and not just a stock rebuild.

Remember there isn't a single XS650 that is newer than 30 years old so most mechanics that worked on them when they were new have probably all retired by now. If you want to own and operate a classic bike then you will need to learn how to work on it yourself or be prepared to pay the going rate for expert mechanical help. What is a reasonable hourly rate to work on a classic bike? I don't know because I do my own work, am I a mechanic? no just a bloke who loves XS650's. Do I think the club is worth being a member of? I must as I am due to receive my twenty year badge next year. I hope you change your mind about us Andrew but if you don't we can always help you sell your bike on our  website.

Andrew's reply received on 29/4/15 via email

Terry its not the price of the parts they are cheap I have a t140 Triumph and a FXR Harley so I know the cost of things its the lack of anything that the club does in QLD no rides no get togethers just a bunch of individuals on a mailing list  it should be the xs650 club of NSW or am I missing some thing? I have spoken to a few disgruntled members in QLD who say to join the vintage Japanese club as they have rides in Brisbane. What does the club do out side of NSW & VIC please let me know. I'm not trying to to be a smart arse but I'm finding it hard to see the point in keeping up a membership in something that in QLD is non existent.  Can you please pass my concerns to the president.

Terry Gliddon's reply sent 29/4/15 via email

As a national club we have always struggled to get members in an area to organise their own rides and get togethers. In Queensland we have two volunteer ride organisers in Tony Gray and Steve Bragger.

Nth QLD    Steve Bragger    0414 709 951
SE QLD    Tony Gray    0409 493 605

If you want to organise a regular ride in Brisbane then I suggest you talk to Tony Gray and see if there are enough local members that would like to attend a ride and get the ball rolling.
Same goes for get togethers, if you want to organise a BBQ or something like that to get to know the locals the club has always had a policy of subsidising these events to help with the cost.
The next thing is to let the club know of these events so it can be advertised on the club’s calendar page so everyone can be invited.
I do admit the only regular club organised event in Queensland is an AGM every third year.
I am in the same boat as I live in Portarlington VIC so I joined the Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria as they have a strong member base in Geelong which is only 30km away and I attend their rides when I can.
The point is Andrew it’s not what the club can do for you it’s what you can do for the club, the club is the structure for you to go ahead and make your own shit happen. I have passed on your concerns to Daryl Hutcheon the club’s President and the rest of the club’s committee and Tony Gray the state representative.
Cheers mate,
Terry Gliddon

John Chamber's response on 29/4/15

Andrew, I was some what confused by your previous letter. I am glad you responded to Terry’s response as it cleared up some things for me.
As Terry has suggested its up to local members to arrange amongst themselves local events. Its the same all over, and believe me its not the enthusiasm that you generate, its the disappointment when events that you might try to get up and running. Its the lack of response. I have been the ride co-ordinator in Victoria for some years, but when its always the same 3 or 4 people that show up you wonder why.
It then hit me, some people put their priority’s in different orders. Some people organise, some people attend and some people have better things to do. You deal with it. Arrange something yourself, but most of all enjoy the ride or BBQ for what it is. You made the effort, some people attend and have a good day. The thing is if you make the first move, they will come. (even if it is  small numbers.)  regards John Chambers
If at anytime you require an updated local contact list, let me know.

Darrell Playle also responded to Andrew on 1/5/15

           I fully understand where you are coming from as I live in country WA…………….our state is a XS650 desert and that sucks. I have an XS650B and I am building an XS bobber not bad for a staunch Harley man but I digress. I have been a member not much longer than yourself and I have had great support from Kevin Boss and Geoff Bamford for both my restoration and my new build that makes my membership more than worthwhile plus I asked Dave Rayner a questions on a swing arm and his reply was almost a book………………how do you put a price on that? I have 2 XS motors in my shed that I am going to do ground up builds on…………am I a mechanic? no but with the support this club offers I know I can build it and when I get stuck I can phone someone that is more than happy to sort things. Look past the trees mate and you will see the true value of the club, like all clubs they are only as good as the members.

Footnote:- Andrew was also phoned by Daryl Hutcheon and is looking forward to organising an event in Brisbane so watch for it in the events calendar.

Tony Gray responded to Andrew's email on 9/5/15

Hi Andrew,

I am currently in the USA/Canada for 3 months touring so have limited contact.

We don't have the numbers anymore in SEQ and its better to hook up with the VJMC guys on their ride days so you have some company. There are XS650 club membership discounts available at Team Moto at Moorooka and also any advice/help with parts/advice on service providers available to club members.

I will get in touch after I get back home late June to discuss.

Cheers, Tony Gray.

Received from Graeme Maidment 15/4/15 via email

Hope somebody can help me with the identification of this engine number, I found what I was told was a 1973 TX 650 - However the frame number is 447-128784

The frame number is possibly around XS-B (us) 1974 / 1975 (447 series) 447-100101 to 128650 ??? and the Engine no is  S650 -217952 possibly TX 650 (us) (code 366) S650-200101 to 217100.

OK my problem is I want to rebuild to engine - Not sure what pistons/rings etc I can use or if I can drop a new set of barrels pistons / rings etc on (using maybe 447 series engines parts)

I was looking at pistons and rings on Mikes XS site however 3rd oversize piston and ring set may only be for 256 engines. So not sure what parts I can order or which way to go to rework it.

So if anybody give me advice that would be much appreciated.

Mouse Engineering.

Contact. Graeme Maidment


Response from Terry Gliddon

From the engine number and frame number you have supplied here your assumptions are correct according to the information I have i.e.
447-128784 would be the frame number of a XS650B
S650-217952 would the engine from a TX650

The S650 motor would be a 256 motor with long rods (136mm) and have pistons with 22mm gudgeon pins. If you have serviceable con rods with good bearings and little end surface is ok (i.e. copper coating intact) you can source 256 pistons from Geoff's XS. Geoff's XS 256 pistons use narrower 447 type rings.

You can also buy new 256 con rods from Geoff's if you want to restore your motor to original specs.

It is also possible to convert internals to 447 rods and pistons (20mm pins) by using a serviceable 447 crank and rods but be aware that the sprocket on the cam will need to be changed to a 447 type (36T) to match the new crankshaft sprocket (18T) 256 motors use 17T/34T cam sprockets and are not compatible with 447 18T/36T cam sprockets.

Cam chain would also need to be changed as well as the cam chain tensioner from sprocket type to slipper type. The cam chain link length is different so the correct chain must be used i.e. later type. (1974-1984)
I hope this helps Graeme,
cheers mate,
Terry Gliddon
- Edited with new information from Geoff's XS

Final comment from Graeme Maidment

Terry, Thankyou for that that info at least now I have a clearer picture what way to go with this rebuild. found this old banger locally sitting in garage for about 25 yrs - right side exhaust rocker adjuster screw had vibrated out and was beside the valve spring no major damage. thanks again for your help

Enquiry from Daryl Davis via email 10/4/15

I am a new xs650 owner and hoping you may know a specialist mechanic in Brisbane. I have enjoyed looking over your website but it does not have any motorcycle ads etc for Brisbane. Anyhow thanks, and great info on your web site.

Responded to on 10/4/15

From Terry Gliddon to Daryl Davis

Hi Daz,
I am not aware of anyone in Brisbane that specialises in Yamaha XS650’s but there are club members there who may chime in with some information for you. I have placed your enquiry on our mailbox page so if anyone knows of someone suitable for Daryl please let him know at

The final word from Daryl

Thank you Terry. I sent my application to join the club.

Received 8/3/15

From Kelvin Clark - some pics of my bike. These have now been transferred to the members bikes section.

Received 11/12/14

Hi Terry,

               The poster arrived the other day in good order. It looks great and has pride of place on the workshop wall. Thanks for your effort, I missed the boat last time you offered these and wanted to make sure I got one this time round.


Brian Greenless

Received 4/12/14

From: Bruce Campbell

To: delegates

Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2014 12:34 PM

Subject: [Delegates] Helmets in Victoria

Be aware that Victoria Police appear to have a current campaign to charge  people who either have cameras on their helmets or are using dark visors.

Four riders have recently been charged for "not wearing approved helmet" for using dark visors. The common thread appears to be that the riders were pulled over, told they had done nothing wrong then charged with the above offence.

The dark visor issue is particularly aggravating.  There is a standard for visors and it details how much light a visor must allow through. It appears to be based on European conditions meaning that the allowable tint is extremely slight - much lower than that allowed for tints on car windows.

However, it also appears that it is quite legal to sell visors that do not comply with the Standard. That is, there is little defence to these charges.

The Australian Motor Cycle Council (AMC) is also aware of outstanding court cases involving similar charges for use of cameras on helmets. The Police are interpreting Vic RR 270 as meaning AS 1698 is an in-service requirement, and not just as a requirement for sale of the helmet. The road rule has been so poorly constructed that this interpretation is, according to high level legal advice, valid.

Under this interpretation ANY attachment to a helmet could make it illegal. It also means that riders should ensure that the booklet for use and care of the helmet must be attached at all times (requirement for sale of a helmet under the standard). There are also other ramifications.

Yeah, this is stupid!

No helmet is legal for sale in Victoria (don't comply with Cwlth mandatory standard).
No helmet is legal to use in Victoria (unlikely to comply with RR 270 as interpreted by Vic Police).

The matter is being taken up with VicRoads by AMC.  It also supplies us with ammunition to take to the Standards Australia forum in Feb 2015.

This has got totally out of hand!

Bruce Campbell

Received 3/12/14

New Motorcycling Australia newsletter -

Received 28/10/2014

Members may be interested…
 Just found an AGM battery that fits the XS1/XS2 battery cradle.
Motobatt MB5.5U
From Battery Factory Online -  Matt 0438 403 533
$59.00 includes postage.
Equivalents:  12N5.5-4A, 12N5.5-3B
12 volt 7ah 105cca
Terminals: 2 Quadflex
135 x 60 x 130mm

Bob Bolton