Phillip Island 2016


The club racer made its debut in the hands of Stacey Heaney at the Philip Island Classic on 23rd January 2016. Ivan Hoey was also there on his championship winning XS650. Daryl Hutcheon and John Chambers were also there as pit crew. Friday morning and it rained for the first qualifier but it didnít stop the bikes from going out onto the track. Ivan was quicker doing a best time of 2.29.697 and a fastest speed of 171 kph. Stacey went out for her first time ever on the Island and a first time on the club racer and did a best time of 2.36.987 and a fastest speed of 157 kph. In the second qualifier on Friday afternoon with the track still wet Ivan again went fastest with a 2.22.119 @ 188 kph. Stacey improved with a best lap time of 2.35.831 @ 172 kph.

On the second day the weather improved and for the first time they were able to race on a dry track. Race one on Saturday morning saw them both improve both their best lap times and their fastest speeds with Ivan doing a 2.03.097@ 181 kph and Stacey doing a 2.15.3621 @ 174 kph.

I did a video of this race and you see it on Facebook or on the clubís website on the notice board.

Saturday afternoon and Race 2 again saw some improvement as the riders were getting used to the track, Ivan again went faster and recorded a fastest lap time of 2.02.534 @ 181kph with Stacey following suit with a 2.13.023 @ 181kph. The pit crew had added two teeth to the back sprocket between races and this was probably the reason for the speed increase from Stacey to match Ivanís speed. Sunday got under way with Race 3 and a dry track with Ivan again leading the way with a lap time of 2.03.482 @ 185 kph and Stacey doing a 2.11.475 @ 182 kph. Sunday afternoon and the final race saw Ivan doing his best lap time for the weekend at 2.01.958 @ 182 kph and Stacey also recording her fastest time for the weekend at 2.10.450 and also her fastest speed of 183 kph.

Ivan finished up with 54 points and sixth place and Stacey got 29 points and fourteenth place against some of the fastest multi cylinder 1000cc + machines in the country.

Well done both of you.

After some running repairs to the club racer it is hoped we will be at the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed in Sydney at 18th to 20th of March. This will depend on Staceyís work commitments as well as having the bike repaired and ready to go and finding transport, hopefully all this came to fruition and we were able to be there.

Ivan's bike and the club racer in the pits with Stacey.