Phillip Island 2014

In January 2014 while attending the Historic Phillip Island Classic Races, apart from watching Ivan Hoey race his XS650, I also ran into Brian Filo a fellow XS650 racer visiting again from the USA. I told him we had pictures of his bike on our website from the previous years event and asked him if he would like some club racer stickers to put on his tool box. He said yes and subsequently gave me one of his stickers, which now resides on my tool box, and I posted some off to his address when I returned home.

Unfortunately my conversation with Brian was short but very interesting and we discussed why his bike was so fast, his lap times had improved by two seconds a lap over the previous year. Brianís bike is of course built to American spec which allows more modification than we can have here in period 4 so he has the advantage in some areas.

Today I received an email thanking me for the stickers he had received and the picture below. He says heíll be back next year so hopefully Ivan or the club racer can give him a run for his money. He says his fellow American XS650 racers will be jealous of his tool box stickers.

Terry Gliddon